It appears Tom Brady isn’t the only one getting odd courtroom sketches done of him these days.

Michael Jordan, who testified in court Tuesday for his civil trial with the former grocery chain Dominick’s, had some interesting sketches done of him.

Brady’s sketch still is on a whole different level, but Jordan’s are enough to turn a few heads.

Similar to Brady’s sketch, the Internet is having some fun with Jordan’s.

Jordan’s court appearance stemmed from a 2009 ad by Dominick’s, which used Jordan’s likeness without his permission. Brady’s sketch was drawn during the quarterback’s Deflategate hearing.

It looks like Jane Rosenberg, who drew the now-famous Brady sketch, could get last laugh, though. She told sports business reporter Darren Rovell she has received roughly 20 offers from people wanting to buy the drawing.

“I would imagine that this would be for fans or sports memorabilia collectors,” Rosenberg told Rovell.

She will be back in court Wednesday, but it appears she won’t have to draw Brady this time.

No matter what, we still have that sketch from last week and these new ones of Jordan to cherish forever.