What can satisfy the hunger of a 6-foot-10 pitcher nicknamed “The Big Unit”? A hot dog product that’s over half his size, of course.

The Arizona Diamondbacks retired pitcher Randy Johnson’s No. 51 on Saturday at Chase Field in Phoenix and presented the Hall of Famer with a 51-inch corn dog after the ceremony.

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That’s an inch for each one of his MLB seasons (22), All-Star appearances (10), strikeout championships (9), Cy Young Awards (5), World Series ring (1), World Series MVP Award (1), pitching Triple Crown (1), no-hitter (1) and perfect game (1). Phew.

Let’s just say he was pretty good at baseball.

We also can’t forget to mention that Johnson got to crush the drums on field before the game, too.

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Making the Hall of Fame definitely has its perks.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@Dbacks