Larry Lucchino announced Saturday that he’d be stepping down as Boston Red Sox president and CEO at the end of the season, and he likely already has a successor.

COO Sam Kennedy joined the Red Sox with Lucchino in 2002 and has been working under him since then. Kennedy already has Lucchino’s endorsement to be promoted to team president and said he’s learned some very important details about the job in the meantime.

“It’s work ethic,” Kennedy said on NESN’s “Red Sox Gameday Live” ahead of Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays. “We need to outwork our competition. What does that mean? That means being here day in (and) day out, being responsive to every fan whether it’s an email or a phone call, getting back to people, driving an agenda hard.

“Larry’s work ethic, I hope has rubbed off on me. I know it’s rubbed off on legions of baseball executives out there in Major League Baseball.”

Hear more from Kennedy in the video above.