Ted Wells has been paid a whole bunch of money by the NFL in the last year, and he’s putting some of that dough to use.

The New York Daily News, citing public records, reported Thursday that Wells bought a New York apartment for $2.1 million. The seller of that loft? Venus and Serena Williams.

Wells, a criminal attorney, was hired by the NFL to conduct an “independent investigation” into the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and their alleged roles in Deflategate. CBSSports.com obtained court records indicating Wells’ firm made at least $2.5 million for the investigation.

“For the report, through May 6th, it’s somewhere in the area — and I’m not sure the bill was out, but it’s going to be around somewhere in the range of $2.5 (million) to $3 million,” Wells said, according to CBSSports.com.

An added bonus for Wells: He’s probably already generally aware of this, but his new digs are literally 1 mile away from the NFL’s league office at 345 Park Avenue.

According to the Daily News, the Williams sisters never really used the apartment. Must be nice. Regardless, not a bad investment for the tennis duo. The Daily News says they made $750,000 on the place since buying it in 2005.

Wells is hoping the market doesn’t, ahem, deflate.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@BostonGlobe