This Softball Player’s Behind-The-Back Home Run Is Mind-Boggling (Video)


Think you made a pretty decent play at your rec league softball game the other night?

Wait ’til you see what this guy did.

Renaud Lefort of the Les 4 Chevaliers — a Montreal-based fast-pitch softball team that claims to play in the “style of the Harlem Globetrotters, but with real opponents” — stepped into the right side of the batter’s box during a recent game. The only problem: He adopted a lefty’s batting stance, meaning his back was facing the plate.

But Lefort solved this dilemma and then some with one of the most impressively bizarre swings you’ll see.

Renaud Lefort "backward swing"


Posted by Les 4 Chevaliers on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wait, how did he do that? Here’s a side angle in GIF form.

Softball home run

It hard to hit a cooler homer than that, although we still wish he followed it up with a Zack Greinke bat flip.

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