Pretty much everyone had their fun with courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg’s sketch of Tom Brady on Wednesday, but apparently, some people have been taking it too far.

While most people on the Internet noted the New England Patriots quarterback looked more like a zombie and others made some pretty hilarious memes, Rosenberg told “The Dan Patrick Show” on Thursday that she since has been the victim of “cyber-bullying” by Patriots fans.

“I didn’t mean to offend him or his fans,” Rosenberg said. “I’m getting, like, a zillion nasty emails from his fans. Apparently, everybody loves him, and I didn’t make him look pretty enough.”

Rosenberg told Patrick she can’t understand why people would take the effort to send her hate mail over the sketch.

“I don’t do social media,” Rosenberg said. “I don’t do Twitter or Facebook, so there must be millions more, but people found me on my personal email and started writing me nasty comments. It’s shocking to me that people waste their time to do this. Why bother?”

Rosenberg apologized for “not making (Brady) as good-looking as he is” Wednesday, but if she is really getting mean emails over a drawing, that’s pretty ridiculous. However, Rosenberg did say she has received very supportive emails, too.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@ryankath