Tom Brady’s Emails Reveal He Called Mark Brunell A ‘Patriot Hater’


As the Deflategate case (hopefully) nears its conclusion, it appears everything is out in the open. And we mean everything.

The NFL Players Association recently decided to make public a mountain of evidence in its federal court appeal of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. This evidence included testimony from Brady’s June 23 appeal hearing with Roger Goodell, which revealed plenty of interesting information.

But since there’s no end to the absurdity of this saga, the NFLPA also included Brady’s personal emails in the information dump. That means virtually all of the New England Patriots quarterback’s “private” correspondences are made public for everyone to see.

Deadspin compiled a few “highlights” of Brady’s emails, and they range from relevant conversations about Deflategate fallout to meaningless (yet hilarious) discussions about pool covers.

Among the more notable tidbits: Brady’s strong reaction to former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Mark Brunell, who was critical of Brady to the point of crying back in January. (All screenshots courtesy of Deadspin.)

Tom Brady

A day before he sent that email, Brady had a telling response to a sympathetic friend.

Tom Brady2

The emails also reveal some advice Brady received courtesy of Will McDonough, who’s known to be a business manager of sorts for the quarterback. McDonough forwarded Brady this email from U.S. attorney Eric Christofferson and later suggested he read an analysis on Deflategate from a company called Behavioral Intelligence Research (BIA).

Tom Brady5

Tom Brady6

That’s all pretty serious stuff, but we did mention a discussion on pool covers? As promised, here it is in all its glory:

Tom Brady4

This whole thing really can’t get any weirder.

Click to see more of Brady’s emails on Deadspin >>

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