WWE wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper passed away last week at the age of 61. He died in his sleep, his spokesperson told TMZ.

Piper previously had admitted to abusing alcohol, cocaine, painkillers and steroids for over 20 years, and in a documentary with HBO Sports, predicted he’d never live to see 65.

Talking about life as a wrestler, he brought up the fame and fortune — “It’s all rock and roll. It’s wonderful.” — but admitted it’s easy to get sucked into a downward lifestyle, noting “there is no exit plan.”

“What would you have me do at 49 when my pension plan, I can’t take out until I’m 65?” Piper asked. “I’m not gonna make 65 — let’s face facts, guys.”

Check out Piper’s full interview in the video below.
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Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@CBSSports