Chris Simms took his foot out of his mouth long enough to make another dumb comment.

Simms, who last season said Tom Brady no longer was a top-five NFL quarterback, outdid himself this week by saying the New England Patriots’ request to have equipment assistant John Jastremski and officials locker room attendant Jim McNally reinstated from their suspensions is proof that Brady is guilty of wrongdoing in the team’s Deflategate scandal.

“Any time you have low-level employees, not making a lot of money, for a billion-dollar corporation, that dragged this organization through the mud for the last eight or nine months, they would have been fired right away,” said Simms, a former NFL quarterback who’s now an analyst for Bleacher Report. “But, oh wait, we know they were following orders from someone — Tom Brady — to take air out of the football.

“So in that, yes, it makes Tom Brady, I think, look guilty.”

Oh, Chris. Outlandish, bitter, misinformed Chris.

Simms knows something everyone else doesn’t, apparently, as he’s ready to jump to wild conclusions based on the mere fact the Patriots requested that two employees be reinstated in the wake of Brady winning his four-game suspension appeal in federal court.


“Of course the NFL reinstated these equipment managers, because they know they had nothing to do with it and they were following orders,” Simms added. “But at the end of the day, yeah, I do think it’s kind of peculiar. I think it shows that Tom Brady is guilty, and the fact that New England wanted them to be reinstated, because they’re showing in their good conscience as well, they know that, ‘Hey, these guys really didn’t do anything. They were just doing what they were told to do.’ ”

Simms — the same guy who in November backed his opinion that Andrew Luck was better than Brady by saying the Indianapolis Colts quarterback didn’t have Jonas Gray and the Patriots’ offensive line — ended his Deflategate rant by saying he didn’t want to discuss the topic any longer.

Thank God.

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