It’s only the middle of the week, but DeMarco Murray’s former team already is trying to sabotage him.

Either that, or it was just a gust of wind.

The Philadelphia Eagles running back has been the focus of attention this week as he prepares for Sunday’s matchup with his old employer, the Dallas Cowboys. But when Murray took the podium to speak with reporters Wednesday, he found himself in clear and present danger.

That was a close call.

Fortunately, Murray had the wherewithal to stiff-arm the falling news conference backdrop and avoid disaster. We’re not saying the Cowboys were behind the incident, but we’re not saying they weren’t, either.

Regardless, Eagles fans (and fantasy owners) are hoping Murray can channel his 2014 self on Sunday. The Eagles are 0-1 after dropping their season opener to the Atlanta Falcons, and a loss to their NFC East rivals would put them behind the 8-ball in their quest for the postseason.

Thumbnail photo via Eagles running back DeMarco Murray nearly gets taken out at a press conference.