Rivalries are awesome. They’re the heartbeat of sports — especially in the college game.

Sometimes, those rivalries can get out of line. Between heightened emotions and alcohol, the formula is there for some over-the-top antics or even unlawful activity. That’s why police and security are staffed at these events — to keep people in line.

Except in Gainesville, Fla., home of the University of Florida. The Gators take on the Tennessee Volunteers– arguably their biggest rival — Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET. Apparently, the police department thinks it’s funny and decided to take things into its own hands.

The department hit the mark less than an hour after posting the initial tweet, and fortunately didn’t interfere.

We don’t know if the department was actually going to do this, and the GPD’s Twitter bio says the verified account contains “Info from the #Gainesville, Florida Police Department with a pinch of cop humor.”

Apparently the university condoned the plan.

Let’s just hope this was all a big social media joke and no one would have been stupid enough to actually do this.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@unforgiven1