Jets’ Brandon Marshall Attempts Most Ill-Advised Lateral Ever (Video)


Brandon Marshall must have thought he was playing rugby Sunday.

The New York Jets wide receiver made one of the dumbest decisions you’ll see after catching a pass against the Philadelphia Eagles. As Marshall was falling to the turf, he made an ill-fated effort to pitch the ball to tight end Jeff Cumberland.

So yeah, that didn’t go well.

The ball bounced off the helmet of Connor Barwin and the Eagles recovered, adding further insult to what already was a brutal start for New York.

But the real question here is why Marshall decided to pitch the ball. He already had picked up the first down, and the play occurred with plenty of time left in the first half, so there was no need to try to stop the clock.

It’s possible Marshall just wanted to do everything he could to create some offense, but we wouldn’t recommend chucking the ball at an opponent’s helmet.

The Jets lost the game 24-17.

Thumbnail photo via Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall attempts a lateral against the Philadelphia Eagles (screenshot).

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