Despite raising money through a GoFundMe page and loads of enthusiasm, Indianapolis Colts fans will have no special messages for the New England Patriots when they visit Lucas Oil Stadium in Week 6.

Hundreds of Colts fans had donated to the page in order to fly a message over the stadium with the message “#DeflateThisBrady,” but the team has asked the owners at AirSign not to follow through with the event because “they wanted to move past the Deflategate discussion,” according to RTV6’s Jason Fechner.

The team added that while they “appreciated the idea and their loyal fans who donated,” they did not want the blimp to be flown.

“We at have always felt that aerial advertisement is a fun experience and it is used to bring a positive and as you saw, humorous angle to events or occasions,” Jason Thompson, a representative for AirSign, said. “We want to continue to work alongside the Colts in future campaigns.”

Another loss for Colts fans. How deflating.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@RTV6