Jerry Jones left many folks shaking their heads Sunday, but not everyone’s reaction was caught on tape. For Jenny Vrentas, it’s a different story.

Jones made headlines (again) Sunday by defending defensive end Greg Hardy shortly after Hardy’s latest disruption. Hardy got into it with coaches and teammates during the Cowboys’ loss to the New York Giants, just the latest perceived headache in dealing with the controversial player.

Jones spoke with reporters (again) after the game, essentially giving Hardy an endorsement.

“He’s, of course, one of the real leaders on this team and he earns it and he earns it with respect from all of his teammates and that’s the kind of thing that inspires a football team,” Jones said while downplaying Hardy’s actions.

Vrentas, who writes for Sports Illustrated, was there for Jones’ impromptu news conference, and she shared her thoughts on Twitter.

Even better, though, was that cameras caught Vrentas’ reaction as she stood behind Jones. Her facial expressions in reaction to Jones’ comments said way more than what could be said in 140 characters.

After going viral, Vrentas had this to say Monday.