Deflategate has taken a temporary hiatus, but controversy continues to follow Tom Brady.

Much of the New England Patriots quarterback’s personal life was made public this summer in emails and documents that surfaced during the legal battle between Brady and the NFL. Among the names mentioned was Alejandro Guerrero, who serves as Brady’s personal guru and business partner.

According to a recent article published in Boston Magazine, though, Guerrero doesn’t have a squeaky-clean past.

The article claims Guerrero — who used to identify as Dr. Alejandro Guerrero but now goes by Alex — has been investigated by the Federal Trade Commission several times for making “extraordinary claims” about several personal health products, including a nutritional supplement named Supreme Greens.

From Boston Magazine:

“He also ‘promoted the product as, among other things, an effective treatment, cure, and preventative for cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes, and as a means of achieving substantial weight loss of up to 80 pounds in 8 months,’ according to a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission. In addition, the FTC noted, Guerrero and his associates ‘claimed that Supreme Greens can be taken safely by pregnant women, children — including children as young as one year old — and any person taking any type of medication.’

“If anyone cared to look closely, however, there were a couple of problems with Dr. Alejandro Guerrero’s claims. First, he wasn’t a doctor of any kind — not a medical doctor, as he admitted in the infomercial — or a doctor of Oriental medicine, as he claimed to business associates, according to a sworn affidavit. The FTC would eventually bar Guerrero from ever again referring to himself as a doctor. In truth, Guerrero’s degree was a master’s in Chinese medicine from a college in California that no longer exists.”

Boston Magazine adds that further investigation of Supreme Greens found the product to be a “sham” and akin to “modern-day snake oil.”

Guerrero has worked closely with Brady for several years meticulously monitoring his workouts and nutrition. According to Boston Magazine, there is “universal agreement” Guerrero is primarily responsible for Brady’s excellent physical condition. The two also became business partners in 2013 when they registered TB12 as an official company.

The report goes into great detail about Guerrero’s checkered past — he also made false or exaggerated claims while marketing a recovery supplement named NeuroSafe — but adds that aside from its investigation into Supreme Greens, the FTC has yet to bring any enforcement action against Brady’s right-hand man.

Thumbnail photo via Kevin Hoffman/USA TODAY Sports Images

Thumbnail photo via New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) before the game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium.