University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigned Monday as a result of continued public pressure for him to step down.

Missouri students pressured Wolfe to step down after multiple incidents of racism on the campus. Students called for the resignation because they believed not enough was being done to address the situation.

Wolfe insisted he wasn’t going to step down, but the final straw might have come from the Missouri football team. Members of the team pledged to go on strike until Wolfe stepped down or was removed. The decision also got the support of head coach Gary Pinkel.

The Tigers presumably can go back into full preparation mode, as they’ve got a game against BYU on Saturday. Not playing in the game could have cost Missouri $1 million, as it reportedly would have to pay a buyout to BYU.

Several members of the team responded to Monday’s news via Twitter.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@NewsBreaker