You don’t have to be a New England Patriots fan to appreciate watching Rob Gronkowski play football. But could a career in the squared circle be in the All-Pro tight end’s future?

Gronkowski attended WWE’s live holiday tour event in Providence on Tuesday, but before heading down, he whipped up a quick video message to fans in Bleacher Report’s “Uninterrupted” series.

He mentions that “I might come out with some new moves,” though they ultimately seemed like the same old awesome dance moves he’s known for.

But it was the suggestion that he’s got some finishing moves in mind that got us thinking: How perfect would Gronkowski be as a professional wrestler?

He’s already cut a promo with The Hype Bros’ Mojo Rawley, and he’s admitted he’d love to be a celebrity guest on “Monday Night RAW” if Rawley ever gets a call up. He’s got the looks, the body, the personality, the athleticism, the charisma … he’s got everything.

Wrestling fans are well aware of Vince McMahon’s affinity for celebrities, and appearances from “Arrow” star Stephen Amell and former host of “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart at SummerSlam in August showed the wrestling company has taken strides in integrating people who can thrive under its bright lights.

Plus, there’s this: The Rock, who announced Monday he’d return to WWE at WrestleMania 32, told Sports Illustrated earlier this year that he talked to Triple H and McMahon about creating “something amazing” for wrestling’s biggest annual event. There are only a handful of athletes on the planet more popular than Gronkowski who, as a Patriot, could easily play both a heel or a baby-faced good guy.

We’re not saying Gronkowski is hopping into the ring at WrestleMania. The odds of it happening in the prime of his NFL career are slim to non-existent, and we admit that it’s more of a personal pipe dream than anything else at this point.

But it’s a dream we’re going to hold on to until we see “The Gronk Spike” finishing move in the ring.

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