George R.R. Martin Thanks Bill Belichick For ‘Christmas Present’ Of OT Kickoff


Bill Belichick is on George R.R. Martin’s good side for once.

The “Games of Thrones” creator generally refers to the New England Patriots head coach as “Evil Little Bill” in his blog, but Martin was thrilled about Belichick’s decision-making Sunday. Martin, a New York Jets and New York Giants fan, took to the Internet after Sunday’s Patriots-Jets game to thank Belichick for kicking off in overtime in New England’s 26-20 loss.

“I could feel the victory slipping away as we went to overtime, and the stake was poised above my heart,” Martin wrote. “They tossed the coin, and the Pats won, and the darkness was closing in around me as it has so many times before. …

“Only, then the Pats chose to kick off. Instead of receiving, and putting (the football in) the hands of Tom Brady, the most dangerous mutha in football, Evil Little Bill decided that (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and the Jets should have it. Hee hee. Hoo ha. Oh, sweet. Thanks, Bill. What a lovely Christmas present.”

Earlier in the post, Martin relived the Jets’ victory and included some unflattering comparisons between the Patriots and one of the creatures in his books.

“Okay, okay, it was not the SuperBowl (sic) or anything, just a regular season game,” Martin wrote. “But it was against the New England Patriots, the Horror Out of Boston, the Blue-and-White Walkers from Beyond the Wall, led by Evil Little Bill himself. The Jets always lose to the Patriots, usually in an especially painful fashion. Like they did earlier this season, in Foxboro. But this time they WON!”

Martin might be getting a little too excited, considering the Jets haven’t clinched a playoff spot yet. They do control their own destiny, however, and a win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday would give them a wild-card spot.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@HuffingtonPost

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