Jack Butland Happy At Stoke City, Dismisses ‘Wonderful’ LFC Rumor As ‘Speculation’

Jack Butland is in no rush to play for Liverpool or any club other than Stoke City.

Butland, 22, told Sky Sports on Monday he hopes to reach the highest level one day, but he’s happy playing for Stoke City at this early stage of his career.

“It has always been a target of mine,” Butland said. “I do want to play at the top. But at the minute, I can’t fault where I am. I am in a brilliant squad who are playing extremely well and things are looking bright for the club.

“Right now I can’t see any better place for me to be. I am learning every week and I am playing with some great players. The goalie coach I am really happy with and learning a lot from the staff as well.

“Personally, I am very comfortable and very happy where I am. I believe that we can do some really good things at Stoke, so that is where my whole focus is at the minute.

Butland is impressing in his first season as a starting goalkeeper in the Premier League, and he has a good chance of earning a place this summer on England’s Euro 2016 squad. His instant Premier League success naturally is attracting lots of attention.

Reports surfaced late last month in the English newspapers, which linked Butland with a potential move to Liverpool during the January transfer rumor. Stoke City immediately denied the rumor, saying it has no intention of selling Butland this season.

Butland views the Liverpool link as nothing more than a compliment.

“Anything beyond that (his Stoke City situation) is purely speculation and rumors,” he said. “It is obviously wonderful to be linked with a club with the history of Liverpool.

“But this is where I am. I am still really proud of the team for the performance at the weekend, and it is something I am really proud of being a part of.”

It’s now OK to strike Butland from Liverpool’s list of January transfer targets, if you haven’t already.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@Squawka