Nick Saban Reveals Important Media Lesson Learned From Bill Belichick


Nick Saban is a disciple of Bill Belichick, having served as Cleveland’s defensive coordinator for four seasons when Belichick was head coach of the Browns in the early 1990s.

Saban, now head coach at the University of Alabama, learned a thing or two from the New England Patriots’ resident genius, like how to handle the media throughout a long football season.

“I really do have a really grand appreciation for the media and what they do because it creates a tremendous amount of interest in college football, a lot of positive reinforcement for players who do a great job,” Saban told reporters Tuesday. “Even though sometimes I maybe put on a front to try to protect our organization, our team, the people involved on our team — I’m talking about coaches, players, everybody in the organization — I learned from Bill Belichick a long time ago you don’t want to give too much information out about anything, so sometimes I think that comes off as a lack of appreciation.

“But, really, I have a tremendous amount of appreciation for what everyone here does for college football in promoting the game as well as the players who play it.”

Saban has carved out a very successful career as a college head coach, winning four national championships, including three with the Crimson Tide. He’ll have an opportunity to add to his legacy this season, as Alabama will play Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl on Thursday with a spot in the national championship game on the line.

Kudos to him for paying attention back in the day.

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Thumbnail photo via Alabama head coach Nick Saban

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