Show ponies and unicorns are just the tip of the iceberg for Scott Zolak.

Sure, that was part of his iconic radio call during the New England Patriots’ 2013 win over the New Orleans Saints, but he was a household name in his hometown and throughout New England well before that night.

Zolak’s journey from being too big to play football against kids his own age while growing up in Monongahela, Penn., to his current gigs as a radio show host and Patriots’ color commentator on 98.5 The Sports Hub was chronicled in a recent Rolling Stone profile. Zolak, or “Zo,” gave Rolling Stone’s Kevin Koczwara an inside look at his busy life on gameday during the Patriots’ 27-10 blowout win on Nov. 8, over the Washington Redskins.

“I like smelling the sausages, talking to people out in the parking lot. I’m starting to get free beers after the game ­– you can’t drink while you’re on the air,” he told Rolling Stone. “I walk the field, get the feel of gameday. The NFL is a great product, as many problems as it has, whether it is domestic violence, or Greg Hardy or the ridiculousness of caring about PSI of a football. People watch this. This is why people gamble.”

But this profile went well beyond the radio booth. He also described how he became a quarterback, his years at the University of Maryland, his time as a backup QB with the Patriots and his life post-NFL, which still features plenty of football.

“My dad coached me and I know nothing else,” Zolak said. “I have to know other things for my show, but as you can tell, there is a passion for this. I like sports. I love football. There is nothing better.”

And Patriots Nation loves Zo right back.

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Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@scottzolak