This is a little worse than hopping the fence to Mr. Mertle’s yard and facing “The Beast.”

Mike Vitar, who played Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez in the “The Sandlot,” was arrested last week in Los Angeles after he and two other men allegedly assaulted a man handing out candy to kids on Halloween.

Vitar is a firefighter and was with a fellow off-duty firefighter, Eric Carpenter, and a third man, Thomas Molnar, when they reportedly attacked a 22-year-old walking down the street handing out candy randomly to kids on Halloween, according to NBC News.

Carpenter allegedly choked the victim, who said he was visiting the neighborhood where he grew up.

“They believed he posed a danger to children in the area by trying to pass out candy against the consent of the adults,” Arthur Avazian, Molnar’s attorney, told NBC. “These are really good people, two firefighters and my client who is successful businessman.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department told NBC that Vitar and Carpenter both were placed on administrative leave with pay as the criminal case proceeds.

“The LAFD is aware of an incident involving two off-duty firefighters that is alleged to have occurred on Saturday, October 31st,” a spokesman for the department told NBC. “The department has cooperated fully with law enforcement during the subsequent investigation.”

If convicted, Carpenter faces up to seven years in prison while Vitar and Molnar face up to four years.

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