Forget the Hall of Fame plaque. Get this man a Golden Globe.

Ken Griffey Jr. joined Mike Piazza in being elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday. But while Griffey’s illustrious baseball career earned him the game’s highest honor, let’s not let his acting acumen slip through the cracks.

Griffey, as you might or might not know, made a cameo on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” back in 1994. It was a brilliant, critically acclaimed performance in which the longtime Seattle Mariners center fielder showed off his arm and took a verbal jab at Will Smith.

Admittedly, we’re being a bit sarcastic about Griffey’s acting prowess. In reality, a Golden Globe might not be in the cards for Junior anytime soon. Griffey’s no Mike Piazza on “Married … With Children,” after all. But the cameo still was awesome for so many reasons.

Let’s face it. The Kid’s a ham.

Thumbnail photo via Ken Griffey Jr. acting alongside Will Smith