Mike Martz is pretty darn mad one of the greatest wide receivers to play in the NFL was chosen as a Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist over his guys.

The former St. Louis Rams head coach is baffled as to how Terrell Owens managed to be named a Hall of Fame finalist this year, while former Rams wide receivers Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt failed to make the cut.

“‘Surprised’ isn’t the word,” Martz told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Sunday. “You can’t print how I felt when T.O. leapfrogged those two. That’s just plain out-and-out ridiculous.”

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver ranks higher than Bruce and Holt in career receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns — Owens has just 12 fewer touchdowns than Bruce and Holt combined — so it’s not necessarily surprising he made the cut before the Rams duo. But that didn’t stop Martz from hating on Owens and Indianapolis Colts legend Marvin Harrison, who also is a finalist.

“Had they promoted themselves, which was contrary to everything we were about, they’d probably get in without an issue,” Martz said. “Had they pulled a T.O., they’re probably get in without an issue. That’s just not who we were.

“If they big-timed it and did all that dumb stuff, they’d probably get in earlier. I think they’ll eventually get in. I don’t think that’s an issue, but it’s tragic that people think of them like that. If Marvin Harrison gets in, how could they not get in?”

Martz’s theory is pretty over-the-top, especially considering he’s right that Bruce and Holt should eventually make it in. Their “snub” probably has more to do with the fact that Owens and Harrison simply had better numbers. Not to mention, former Rams quarterback Kurt Warner and tackle Orlando Pace also were finalists, making it highly unlikely that four Rams would be chosen as finalists.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@InsideSTL