Panthers Won’t Stop ‘Creedbombing’ To Delight Of Band’s Lead Singer (Video)


Forget dabbing. “Creedbombing” is the new Carolina Panthers-inspired craze that’s hot in the streets.

We’re not talking about Apollo or Bratton. No, we’re talking about the legendary rock band by the name of, well, Creed. Successful in the 1990s and into the turn of the century, Creed is considered by many music enthusiasts to be … not good. And that’s the joke!

As the Panthers prepare for the Super Bowl on Feb. 7, they’re keeping things loose with Creedbombing. It’s pretty simple. Basically, you just go up to someone and start singing a Creed song. Or, maybe, you’re interrupting an interview to sing something like “With Arms Wide Open.”

Take it away, Panthers linebacker Ben Jacobs.

Panthers linebacker A.J. Klein got his in the middle of an interview.

Creedbombing, as it is, has even gotten the Panthers a new fan — Creed lead singer Scott Stapp.

“I?ve been cheering for these guys so hard,” Stapp told the Charlotte Observer. “I had to move my tour bus like five different places so I could get reception and watch (the NFC Championship Game) the other night. I?m so fired up and pumped up for these guys. They are my team right now.”

With Stapp in their corner, we’ll have to see if the Panthers’ “sacrifice” will be enough to “take them higher” and win Super Bowl 50.

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