Patriots Fans React To Crushing Broncos Loss With Tears, Anger (Videos)


Dear Patriots fans, if you’re holding this letter, you already know…

New England suffered a crushing 20-18 loss to the Denver Broncos in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Some Patriots fans took the defeat harder than others.

You see, the Internet is a strange place. And people are even stranger. So rather than simply coping with tough losses or turning the page, fans typically flood social media with video reactions — some angry, some sad — and expose their emotions (or the emotions of others) to the entire world.

Pats fans kept the World Wide Web tradition alive after Sunday’s loss. The result was a mix of young, old and in-between New England supporters shedding tears and screaming bloody murder.

Let’s check out the damage.

(Sorry, Patriots fans. No one said this was going to be easy.)

Thumbnail photo via A crying New England Patriots fan

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