Ranking The Six Most Ridiculous Uniforms In NHL All-Star Game History (Videos)


NHL All-Star Game 1982All-Star Games offer a chance for uniform designers to have some fun. Sometimes, they have a bit too much.

Though the 2016 NHL All-Star Game in Nashville will feature two relatively understated uniform sets, previous editions of the league’s midseason showcase have taken a much different path.

Take last season’s neon-fest, for example. Or the 1982 game (pictured above) that took the “All-Star” concept a little too far. Or when the NHL for some reason tried to make its All-Star sweaters look like soccer jerseys in 2000 — and then did so again in 2001.

Before the 2016 All-Star break officially begins Wednesday night, let’s take a look back at some of the crazy, outlandish and just plain weird unis that have graced the ice in All-Star Games past.

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Photo via Twitter/@PressRoomGFS

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