Holly Sonders is most famous for her work at the Golf Channel, but she has expanded her reach to cover the NFL for FOX, making her the perfect person to answer a question about the differences between athletes in each sport.

Sonders appeared on Golf Digest’s weekly podcast this week with Cory Bradburn, and she was asked how her interactions with golfers and NFL players and coaches differ.

“Many of the coaches and the quarterbacks and the kickers, I’ve been shocked how many of them have asked me to take pictures with them and they’re like, ‘We used to watch you all the time on Golf Channel’ because they’re huge golfers,” she said, via For The Win. “These guys take their clubs with them when they travel and they want to talk about different courses.”

Sonders even had a specific example of an interaction with an NFL coach.

“Like Norv Turner from the Vikings, he was on the sidelines with me and I look over and he looks over and he is acting like he’s chipping, like he’s chipping a wedge at me,” she said. “It’s just funny, because they’re so into it … and they’re really good golfers, single-digit handicaps.”

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Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@golf_com

h/t to For The Win