The NFL has been looking for ways to spice up the Pro Bowl, the league’s annual All-Star game, for years. Richard Sherman might have found a way or two.

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback tried his hand at offense Sunday night, taking the handoff on a reverse play. Sherman ran a good distance, but he didn’t get very far before being tackled by Seahawks teammate Bobby Wagner for a 22-yard loss.

Adding insult to injured pride, Los Angeles Rams punter Johnny Hekker trolled Sherman after successfully completing a fake play for a first down.

But the fun didn’t end there.

The 27-year-old Sherman later came out of nowhere in an attempt to drop Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews with an RKO — the devastating finishing move of WWE superstar Randy Orton.

Fortunately, cameras captured the tantalizing moment.

What a time to be alive.

Sherman got the last laugh, too, as his Team Irvin defeated Team Rice 49-27.