New York Yankees third baseman Aaron BooneSometimes, it’s easy to spot a Hall of Famer. Often, it’s much easier to spot which players absolutely don’t belong in Cooperstown.

This year’s Hall of Fame ballot featured a slam dunk candidate, Ken Griffey Jr., who nearly became the first ever unanimous selection. It also featured excellent players, like Jeff Bagwell and Trevor Hoffman, who have intriguing Hall cases but failed to earn the 75 percent vote necessary for enshrinement.

The real fun typically starts way down on the ballot, though, where random players garner votes for reasons unknown. Sometimes, a single vote reflects a hat tip for a career of off-the-field generosity. And other times, it’s a reporter repaying a player for years of cooperation.

Whatever the case, some lackluster players — by Hall of Fame standards, of course — have received votes over the years. Let’s pinpoint the wackiest votes of the bunch.

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Thumbnail photo via Twitter/TheWanderboi