Patriots Legend Mike Haynes Relishes Super Bowl Interception He Made For Raiders

SAN FRANCISCO — Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback Mike Haynes knows what it’s like to make an interception in the Super Bowl. But the former New England Patriot admits his memorable play can’t compare with Malcolm Butler’s goal-line pick in Super Bowl XLIX.

“(A Super Bowl interception) feels great,” Haynes told’s Michaela Vernava on Wednesday on Super Bowl Radio Row. “Nothing like Malcolm Butler’s (interception), though. That was a game-changer and really made the difference in that game completely.”

Haynes’ interception came as a member of the Los Angeles Raiders in their 38-9 blowout win over the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII.

“We were already ahead, and everybody was expecting the Redskins to come back,” Haynes added. “That interception just meant, ‘You’re not coming back,’ and it changed a lot of things for us. But it’s a great feeling, and to know you had one in the greatest game and the biggest game all year, it will be in history for ever and ever. So that’s what makes it exciting.”

Haynes also talked about his battle with prostate cancer and his work with the NFL and the Urology Care Foundation to raise awareness for the disease through

“Probably the most important thing we’re doing is just letting people know that prostate cancer runs in families,” Haynes said. “If you catch this disease early, there’s almost a 100 percent chance you’re going to be fine — 99.99 percent chance you’re going to be fine. But a lot of people don’t know what the symptoms are, and the symptoms are similar to a lot of other diseases.

“So the most important thing you can do is find out if it runs in your family and then talk to your doctor about what to do, when you should start screening, because it’s so treatable. It’s crazy to find out in the later stages that you had this disease when you could’ve done something about it.”

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Thumbnail photo via Former New England Patriots cornerback Mike Haynes

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