Holly Holm Has Rational Response To Ronda Rousey’s Suicide Comments


February 17, 2016

Holly Holm really faced a no-win situation.

Ronda Rousey revealed this week on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that she contemplated suicide immediately following her loss to Holm at UFC 193. It was a stunning revelation and one that undoubtedly put Holm into an awkward spot Tuesday as she faced questions about Rousey’s comments during an event in Albuquerque, N.M.

“There?s a lot of things around that. When I heard that she said that, for me it?s one of those things it?s like, ?How do I respond to that?’ ” Holm told reporters, according to Sherdog.com. ?I don?t want to say, ‘I?m sorry,’ because I think on a competitive level for me, if somebody was to say they?re sorry after (beating me), it?s like, ?No, I?m a competitor.? I?m not a charity case.

?I feel like that?s something the best thing is for me not to say anything at all. I don?t want to say that I?m glad that she felt that way and I don?t want to say, ?Oh I?m so sorry.? It?s something I think that you have to dig through on your own. In the long run, she?ll be stronger mentally from it.?

Holm’s response is extremely reasonable, if not perfect.

Sure, she could have apologized for kicking Rousey in the chops and briefly sending her life into a downward spiral. But then what kind of message would that send to aspiring athletes?

Some people win and some people lose. Suicidal thoughts shouldn’t be taken lightly, and thankfully Rousey didn’t act on them in her moments of despair. But it’d be asinine to suggest Holm owes Rousey anything. The better fighter on that night won, fair and square, and Rousey’s reaction to losing is nobody’s issue but her own — as scary and as disappointing as Rousey’s comments were to hear.

Let’s hope that Rousey bounces back mentally and that Holm continues to offer level-headed responses when faced with awkward situations.

Also, let’s hope a rematch happens sooner rather than later.

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