Believe it or not, the best dunk of the NBA All-Star Weekend might have belonged to someone other than Zach LaVine or Aaron Gordon.

Levine and Gordon thrilled the crowd Saturday night with a dunk contest for the ages, but they might have been upstaged Sunday during the actual All-Star Game by a relative unknown named Jordan Kilganon.

Kilganon certainly isn’t an unknown within the basketball community. The Canadian basketball player is known as one of the best dunkers on the planet, and he brought the crowd in Toronto to its feet during a timeout Sunday night by showing off his signature “Scorpion” dunk.

It’s obviously an unreal dunk, but what makes it even more impressive, and you might have already noticed this, but he actually pulls off the dunk while wearing jeans.

The best thing about the video, though, might have been the reaction from the actual NBA All-Stars, who were impressed onlookers, to say the least.

Here’s some more of Kilganon’s best work.