MMA Fighters Tumble Through Cage, Onto Floor In Middle Of Bout (Video)


Sometimes, the octagon just can’t contain the action.

Two fighters were victimized by a cage malfunction Saturday night in Plymouth, Mass. James Collins and Marty Navis — a couple of amateurs making their MMA debuts — went tumbling right through the cage and onto the floor in the middle of their bout.

Joe Lauzon, a UFC veteran, posted a video of the incident on Instagram and said the fight was ruled a no contest. According to Lauzon, one of the fighters needed to go the hospital because of an injury he suffered during the fall.

MMA obviously is a dangerous sport to begin with. When you toss in the possibility of flying through the cage, it’s amazing anyone has the intestinal fortitude to participate in the bedlam.

Thumbnail photo via MMA fighters fly through cage

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