NBA Trade Deadline: Top 35 Players Rumored, Most Likely To Be Moved


Hassan WhitesideWe’re less than 36 hours away from the 2015-16 NBA trade deadline and the dominoes already have begun falling.

With two trades Tuesday and several other rumors floating around, it seems like there could be a flurry of action before Thursday’s deadline. But who is most likely to be traded?

We put together a list of the players we expect to see donning different uniforms by Friday, but we tried to keep it realistic. That’s why you won’t see names like Kevin Durant on the list, because unless he tells Oklahoma City Thunder management he’s definitely not re-signing, they’re not going to chance moving one of league’s best players.

You also won’t find Markieff Morris or similar players on the list because his horrible reputation doesn’t work with the ridiculously high asking price the Phoenix Suns reportedly are hoping to receive in return.

In other words, we’re keeping it 100 at We hope your favorite team’s GM does the same.

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Photo via Robert Duyos/USA TODAY Sports Images

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