‘Spotlight’ Parody Trailer Isn’t Too Kind To Boston Or Its Sports Fans (Video)


If you’ve lived in Boston for any period of time, you’ve probably heard plenty of people poke fun at the city for its many “quirks.”

From heavy accents to lousy weather to overbearing devotions to local sports teams, there’s plenty of ammunition if you want to take digs at Boston. The comedy website Above Average targeted all those things and more in a parody of the recent film “Spotlight.”

The Oscar-nominated film focuses on a pretty serious subject, documenting The Boston Globe’s uncovering of a massive sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. But the folks at Above Average decided to put a humorous spin on all that, changing the journalists’ target to the city’s many flaws. (Warning: Video contains some explicit language.)

Even if you’re from Boston, there are a few pretty funny parts of this video, including the inevitable bashing of the city’s poor public transportation (“I remember he kept whispering, ‘The T is a legitimate subway system.’ “) and a shot at the large number of colleges in the area. (“Don’t you see? They’re all safety schools!”)

There’s also plenty of people drinking Dunkin’ Donuts and wearing Boston Red Sox apparel. When your sports teams win as much as Boston’s does, we suppose taking criticism comes with the territory.

h/t to For the Win

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