Who doesn’t love conflicting reports?

Oh, you don’t? Well, you might want to steer clear of a storm that’s been brewing on Twitter since the weekend over whether ESPN reacted appropriately in its reporting of the New York Daily News story about Peyton Manning and an alleged sexual assault that occurred while the quarterback was at the University of Tennessee.

The official Twitter account of WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan” — run by show producer Chris Curtis, according to the account’s bio — went on the offensive Sunday over ESPN’s apparent lack of coverage.

Manning, of course, was linked to HGH allegations in a recent report, and some have been critical of the coverage provided by certain national media outlets — like ESPN — that seemingly swept the issue under the rug without devoting much time to it. The rumor put forth Sunday by the “Dennis and Callahan” Twitter account in the wake of the Daily News story added to such complaints.

ESPN since has reported on the Manning-Daily News story, so perhaps everyone was (and is) up in arms over nothing. But the rumor that ESPN anchors initially were told not to report on the Manning story was enough for others to seek answers and ultimately offer conflicting reports.

The “Dennis and Callahan” account still was firing back as of Monday afternoon.

Fun stuff, right?

Thumbnail photo via Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports Images

Thumbnail photo via Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning