Deflategate Legal Costs Estimated To Exceed $20M After Appeal Hearing


Lawyers ain’t cheap, and Deflategate has dragged on for more than a year, so yeah, some¬†money has been spent on this whole thing.

Everyone’s favorite court case involving Tom Brady, the NFL, football air pressure and labor laws will resume Thursday when the NFL’s appeal of U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman’s decision to vacate Brady’s four-game suspension will be heard.

It’s been a long process for all involved, and must would agree it’s been pretty pointless and rather annoying. It’s also been a way for the parties involved to spend roughly $20 million. surveyed three lawyers about the potential costs involved in this year-long debacle. According to the story, the process has cost the NFL an estimated $12.5 million, while the NFL Players Association has shelled out roughly $5 million. Those figures make the estimated costs to the Patriots — $500,000 — look small by comparison.

That brings the total to $18 million on the eve of Thursday’s appeal hearing.

“But we know the costs will increase beyond Thursday’s appeal,” ESPN’s Darren Rovell wrote. “Why? Because no matter what happens, either side is going to appeal.”

Even if Brady and NFLPA receive another favorable ruling, it’s safe to say this won’t end in the near future, which is bad news for just about everyone but the lawyers.

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