Kris Bryant is a budding superstar, but apparently he’s not yet one of baseball’s most recognizable figures.

The Chicago Cubs third baseman went undercover as part of a promotional stunt for Red Bull and tricked an unsuspecting Arizona college baseball team into thinking he was the new prized European recruit.

Mesa Community College baseball coach Tony Cirelli informed his team before a recent practice that the club would be getting a new player named Roy Nabryt — a big, strong player who might cut down on some playing time for others. Any sort of apprehension likely dissipated after Bryant took batting practice.

The Cubs slugger stood out like a sore thumb, as he blasted dingers left and right before the team finally started to realize they were sharing the field with one of the best hitters in baseball.

If Bryant has the type of career he’s expected to have and builds off a rookie season in which he had an .858 OPS, he won’t be going unnoticed for much longer.