It’s safe to say Munenori Kawasaki is fitting in with the Chicago Cubs just fine.

The utility infielder led his team in an epic singalong Friday during a break in spring training.

The scene started with Kawasaki revealing his twin dreams of speaking (better) English and winning a World Series in his first year with the Cubs. He then belted out Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” as his teammates sang along with gusto.

Many of Kawasaki’s new teammates and coaches donned Japanese headbands for his performance.

The Cubs’ joy likely averted the looming destruction of Earth by the asteroid that’s headed this way.

Don’t shoot the messenger. Just close your eyes and sing.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/WeLoveSport Broo

Thumbnail photo via Munenori Kawasaki sings Aerosmith.