Old Woman Throws Bra Onto Ice After Brayden Schenn’s Hat Trick (Video)


An old woman wasn’t to be outdone Monday night at Wells Fargo Center.

One Philadelphia Flyers fan celebrated Brayden Schenn’s hat trick against the Calgary Flames by throwing shoes onto the ice. The celebration paled in comparison to another fan’s antics, though, as an old woman tossed a leopard print bra over the boards following Schenn’s three goals.

There are so many questions here: Is the bra hers? If so, how did she take it off? Why did she do it?

Those questions likely never will be answered, though, so let’s just embrace the situation for what it is: a very strange occurrence that’s both hilarious and (in a weird way) awesome.

The Flyers won the game 5-3, but we all know the real highlight — and no, it wasn’t Schenn’s hat trick.

Thumbnail photo via Philadelphia Flyers fan

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