John Lackey didn’t take too kindly to Christian Bethancourt’s home run trot Wednesday night in the San Diego Padres’ 1-0 win over the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Bethancourt launched an absolute moon shot in the fifth inning that proved to be the difference. It was his third homer of the season — the fifth of his career — and Lackey shouted in his direction after Bethancourt spent a little too much time admiring his work.

Lackey’s frustration spilled over into his postgame media availability, when the Cubs right-hander sarcastically asked reporters, “How many home runs does he have?”

It’s clear Lackey, a 37-year-old who’s been in the majors since 2002, won’t forget Bethancourt’s antics anytime soon.

“I got a long memory,” Lackey said.

When told it was the first time he had ever faced Bethancourt, who’s in his first season with the Padres after beginning his career with the Atlanta Braves, Lackey acknowledged he was aware of the situation.

“Oh, I know,” Lackey told reporters. “He’ll learn.”

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, Lackey sounds ticked.

Thumbnail photo via John Lackey of the Chicago Cubs