Noah Syndergaard might be getting a little carried away with the whole “Thor” thing.

The New York Mets pitcher’s nickname has been catching on as the big right-hander has risen to baseball prominence. Syndergaard certainly bears a resemblance to the mythological character, especially as it was portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the 2011 film titled, well, “Thor.”

Syndergaard’s long blond hair and imposing physique apparently fit right in with a Thor costume, as he recently displayed. The pitcher spent a day walking around Manhattan dressed as Thor.

At the very least, it’s entertaining to watch a grown man walk around the city in a costume. But then again, that sometimes passes for normal in a big city like New York.

Check out the highlights below.

Everyone knows how dominant Syndergaard is on the mound, but he was swinging the hammer at the plate Wednesday night in Los Angeles. The Mets ace hit a pair of home runs in a win over the Dodgers, and he even had legendary broadcaster Vin Scully calling him Thor.

It doesn’t seem like this nickname’s going anywhere.