Curt Schilling Pitches Boston To Kevin Durant In Heartfelt Blog Post


Curt Schilling knows what it’s like to search for a new team, and he had multiple options just like Kevin Durant, including Boston.

He ultimately chose the Red Sox in the 2003 offseason and the rest is history, making him qualified to offer his insight on the city and fans that mean so much to him.

Here’s part of Schilling’s Celtics pitch to Durant on his blog, 38 Pitches:

“People here in NE aren’t transplants, they aren’t bandwagon folks. You are born, and raised here, and the Celtic, Sox, Bruins and Pats are not ‘your teams’ they are part of your life. I had NO IDEA it was what it was until I came here.I know passion, I lived for the game, but I never took the ball in front of people who loved their players and their teams more than these folks.

“… You’re going to pick your next ‘home’, and I can honestly tell you there is no place on this planet like Boston. You come here, you help win a title and it won’t be a celebration. It’s a revival, it’s a “you will never be forgotten and never have to buy another beer” kind of championship.

“These people live for their teams, their athletes, you come here, bust your ass (which I don’t think will ever be an issue) and you leave it all on the floor and you’ll have a few million folks who’ll name kids, dogs and whatever else they can, Kevin, KD, Durant or some other derivative.”

And to top it all off, Schilling pitched the idea of entering the Basketball Hall of Fame in a legendary Celtics jersey.

That’s a sight C’s fans certainly would love to see.

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