Donald Trump’s RNC Entrance Might Have ‘Plagiarized’ The Undertaker, Too


Melania Trump might not have been the only member of the Trump family “borrowing” from someone else Monday at the Republican National Convention.

The RNC got off to a zany start in Cleveland, with Mrs. Trump grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons after she appeared to blatantly plagiarize Michelle Obama’s speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Before taking the stage — for an otherwise solid speech — Melania was introduced by her husband, Donald. The presumptive Republican candidate for president came to the stage in an incredibly over-the-top entrance that featured a wild light show, fog and Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”

The Internet obviously jumped all over the, uh, “unique” entrance, and wrestling fans in particular couldn’t help but compare it to the iconic entrance of WWE legend The Undertaker.

Uproxx even made this fantastic mashup:

Taker wasn’t the only pro wrestling entrance to which Trump’s debut was compared.

For example, here’s Trump as Chris Jericho:

H/t to Uproxx

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