The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are fast approaching, and there are several reasons for athletes and visitors to be concerned about the event.

The main concern continues to be the Zika virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Police also claim they haven’t been paid, which could lead to safety issues.

If those concerns weren’t enough, a “super bacteria” was recently found in Rio’s water, per Flora Charner of CNN.

“According to lead researcher Renata Picao, the ‘super bacteria’ entered the city’s waterways when sewage coming from local hospitals got channeled into the bay.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this super bacteria impacts the Olympics. Events that include outdoor swimming might have to take place somewhere else to avoid athletes becoming infected with this bacteria.

Many athletes might just decide to stay home instead of risking serious health problems, and it would be hard to blame them.

Thumbnail photo via Michael Madrid/USA TODAY Sports Images