It didn’t take long for Wednesday’s UFC 202 press conference to devolve into bedlam.

Conor McGregor showed up fashionably late, and Nate Diaz walked off the stage while yelling at his upcoming opponent and flipping him the bird. Things really escalated when McGregor and Diaz’s camp began chucking water bottles at each other from across the room.

Everyone seemed to escape without injury, but McGregor’s bottle tossing might have victimized one poor youngster.

Nick Diaz — Nate’s older brother and a fellow UFC fighter — posted a video on Snapchat after the chaos in which a little kid claims to have been struck by a water bottle thrown by McGregor.

Did the kid really get hit or did the Diaz camp put him up this? Both scenarios seem possible, and for the kid’s sake, let’s hope the video is nothing more than some pre-fight mind games.

Either way, Saturday night’s fight should be entertaining.

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