Did Ryan Lochte, USA Teammates Fabricate Robbery Story? It Sounds Like It



Ryan Lochte and his United States Olympic swim team have some explaining to do with reports surfacing Thursday that there might be a small hole or two in their story about supposedly getting mugged in Rio de Janeiro.

Lochte and three of his teammates claimed they were robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning, but those claims were investigated by local police, who haven’t found any evidence to support the accounts, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Things got even weirder Thursday, when ABC reported, citing “Brazil sources,” that Lochte and his teammates fabricated the story. Not only that, there’s footage of them fighting with a security guard at a gas station.

As you might expect, alcohol appears to be a factor in this whole charade.

Lochte is no longer in Rio, returning the United States earlier this week. The same can’t be said for two of his teammates, however, as authorities removed Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz from a plane as they were preparing to return to America. That came just hours after a judge called for the passports of those three and Jimmy Feigen to be seized.


Thumbnail photo via Peter Casey/USA TODAY Sports Images

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