The Boston Red Sox couldn’t dodge the rain drops Wednesday night, but they did dodge the proverbial bullet.

The Red Sox, already faced with playing a day game in Detroit on Thursday afternoon after playing a night game in Baltimore on Wednesday, could have faced a much worse fate, thanks to Mother Nature.

The Red Sox and Orioles went into a rain delay after six innings with Boston leading 8-1. Initial reports and forecasts indicated it could have been a long night at Camden Yards. When the rain first started, there was at least a chance the Red Sox and O’s would have waited out the rain — for up to two or three hours.

Luckily for the Red Sox, though, the umpires called the game around 10:30 p.m. ET, allowing them to stay fairly true to their ideal travel schedule for the trip to Detroit.

That’s all well and good, but we’re hoping NESN’s own Gary Striewski at least had some time to towel off before getting out of Baltimore.

Before a ruling on the game was made, Striewski grabbed a poncho and gave this update as the deluge dropped buckets of rain around him.

Striker also had this update, shortly before the game officially ended.

There’s really no overstating how fortunate the Red Sox got by only having to wait until 10:30 for the game to be called. As it was, the club didn’t land in Detroit until around 3 a.m. ET. Simple math tells you that if they endured a three-hour delay and then had to play the rest of the game in Baltimore, there’s a chance the club wouldn’t reach Detroit until, conservatively speaking, 7 a.m. — six hours before Thursday’s scheduled first pitch against the Tigers.