FOXBORO, Mass. — Martellus Bennett is as good of a quote as Rob Gronkowski is a football player.

So, to use Bennett’s words, Martellus is a “really (expletive) good” quote.

Those are the words the always unfiltered Bennett used when asked about his fellow New England Patriots tight end.

“Gronk? Gronk is really (expletive) good,” Bennett said laughing Wednesday. “He’s been a pleasure playing with. I think we’ve been raising each others’ game. He does some things very well. We do some things different. The thing is, we’re built alike, but we’re two totally different players — the way we run routes, the way go about our business is totally different.

“It’s been very fun playing with him because he’s very passionate, and he brings it every day in meetings, on the field. It’s just been a joy to play with him because he’s one of those guys who makes you up your game. I try to do the same thing for him. I think we’ve been feeding off each other a lot. He’s been in this offense for a long time, so I ask him a lot of questions. He helps me out a lot. We have so many different plays, so I’m like, ‘Hey Rob, we got this on this play?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s what we’ve got.’ I always double check with him, but he’s really (expletive) good.”

Gronkowski and Bennett rarely share the field during training camp, but they’ve been dominating the Patriots’ defense in one tight end sets, so it’s a wonder what they’ll accomplished when deployed together.

The Patriots haven’t had a dominant tight end duo since Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez shared the field from 2010 to 2012. Bennett said he’s watched every catch Hernandez made in the Patriots’ offense.

Thumbnail photo via Doug Kyed/NESN